Due to its versatile nature, cURL is used in many applications and for many use cases. For example, the command line tool can be used to download files, testing APIs and debugging network problems.

In this article, we shall look at how you can use the cURL command line tool to perform various tasks. Most Linux distributions have cURL installed by default. Use the commands below to install it on your system.

windows 10 curl example

However, in case you want to install the most recent version of cURL, you can install the curl Homebrew package. Once you install Homebrewyou can install it with:. For Windows 10 version and above, cURL now ships by default in the Command Promptso you can use it directly from there.

windows 10 curl example

Move this folder into a directory of your choice. In this article, we will assume our folder is named curl For this to work, you need to follow these steps:. If everything went well, you should see the following output:.

This fetches the content available at the given URL, and prints it onto the terminal. This is the most basic operation cURL can perform. In the next few sections, we will look into the various command line options accepted by cURL. In addition to saving the contents, cURL switches to displaying a nice progress bar with download statistics, such as the speed and the time taken:. So, if you want to save the above URL to the file vlc Like most other command line tools, you can combine different options together.

If you are familiar with these concepts, you directly skip to the other sections. The request method controls how a certain request should be processed. HTTP responses are similar and contain the status code, some headers, and a body.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. If you are not into Cygwinyou can use native Windows builds. Some are here: curl Download Wizard. First you need to download the cURL executable.

15 Practical Linux cURL Command Examples (cURL Download Examples)

For Windows 64bit, download it from here and for Windows 32bit download from here After that, save the curl. Folks that don't literally need the curl executable, but rather just need to e. From a normal command prompt, type:. More information about net. I'd prefer a simpler cmd-script however, maybe creating a curl. If you use the Chocolatey package manager, you can install cURL by running this command from the command line or from PowerShell:. I have also found that if I put the cygwin bin on my windows path I can run curl from a windows command line.

It also will give you access to things like ls and grep. I was able to use this site to easily download and install curl on my Windows machine. It took all of 30 seconds. Assuming you are new to the game or are unable to install software because of security restrictions, you could use Scoop to install curl. From a powershell or command window run the following commands. Note this assumes that you have Powershell v3.

Install curl. You may see a warning about a missing hash, but you should see a final message that cURL was installed successfully. Download the.

How To Use cURL On Windows 10

While installing you will get in a step to select packages. After finishing the installation click on the cygwin to open the curl console on windows and work on curl commands. Step 3: unzip the download file and install the certificate "ca-bundle. Install git command line from here. When you install git in windows you will automatically get curl with it.

You can check the installed version of curl using curl --version like this. For anyone looking for a quick solution, after having standard installed cygwin but finding out curl did not work on a win 10 x64 platform:. Downloading this retired repository, extracting it and running:. Learn more. Asked 9 years, 11 months ago.

Active 1 month ago. Viewed k times.Curl is the powerful command line utility that allows you to transfer data to or from a server or URL. Remember that using proper syntax capitalization matters. Similarly, you can also download files with curl too by using a different command string. Know of a better way to make a post request with cURL?

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September 4, at am. Ian says:. February 18, at pm. January 31, at am. D says:. January 30, at pm. Ian Vanderhoef says:.To store the output in a file, you an redirect it as shown below. This will also display some additional download statistics.

Now the page gettext. You can also note that when running curl with -o option, it displays the progress meter for the download as follows. Note: When curl has to write the data to the terminal, it disables the Progress Meter, to avoid confusion in printing. Similar to cURL, you can also use wget to download files. Refer to wget examples to understand how to use wget effectively. We can download multiple files in a single shot by specifying the URLs on the command line.

The below command will download both index. Please note that when we download multiple files from a same sever as shown above, curl will try to re-use the connection. It is also termed as Redirects. When a requested web page is moved to another place, then an HTTP Location header will be sent as a Response and it will have where the actual web page is located.

For example, when someone types google. We can insists curl to follow the redirection using -L option, as shown below. Now it will download the google. Using curl -C option, you can continue a download which was stopped already for some reason. This will be helpful when you download large files, and the download got interrupted.

cURL on Windows

The given offset bytes will be skipped from the beginning for the source file. Now the above download was stopped at Now the download continues from You can limit the amount at which the data gets transferred using —limit-rate option.You can use cUrl on Windows 10, and older versions.

If you want to use cUrl on Windows 10, you have two options.

windows 10 curl example

Check your Windows 10 build and if you have anything older thanproceed as follows. You will have to download cUrl from the official website. The Windows version is at the bottom of the download page. You want to download the generic zipped version. Extract the zipped file and inside the bin folder, you will find the curl.

Open Command Prompt in this folder, and run whatever command it is you want. This will allow you to run cUrl from anywhere. If your Windows 10 build isor later, cUrl is included by default. All you need to do is run Command Prompt with administrative rights and you can use cUrl.

The Curl. If you want to be able to use cUrl from anywhere, consider adding it to Path Environment Variables. You need to download cUrl from official website linked in the previous section, and run it. To make it easier to use, you can add it to Path Environment Variables. Microsoft gives users plenty of reason to upgrade to Windows Tar lets you create archives, and extract them without needing additional tools.

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This tool is designed to work without user interaction, making it excellent for automation. With this tool you can download, upload and manage files, check your email address, or even update your status on some social media websites, and even check the weather outside. One of the most common and simplest uses of cURL is typing the command itself, followed by the URL you want to check:.

The output of a cURL command can be easily saved to a file by adding the -o option to the command, as shown below:. You can save in other directories using the same method as other programs by using forward-slashes.

You can download files with cURL by adding the -O option to the command. It is used for saving files on the local server with the same names as on the remote server:. This covers most of the basic commands and features that most new users of cURL would seek to use. Of course, the capabilities of cURL are far greater than this guide, with most features intended for experienced users. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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windows 10 curl example

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have downloaded a curl zip file from herebut it seems to contain source code, not an executable.

No need to install. If you have Git for Windows installed if you downloaded Git from git-scm. It is too easy to accidentally download the wrong thing.

If, on the curl homepageyou click the large and prominent "Download" section in the site header, and then the large and prominent curl Watch out for that. Instead, click the large and prominent download links on this page. Those are the official Windows builds, and they are provided by the curl-for-win project. If you have more esoteric needs e. After answering five questions, you will be presented with a list of download links.

Find curl. Next, you'll want to make curl available anywhere from the command line. To do this, add the folder to PATHlike this:.

It only have 3 easy steps. At the time of writing file curl Tested with Windows